Thursday, May 2, 2013

Multi-Billion Dollar Technology Based Industries

Whenever the term "Multi-Billionaire" is heard, the name "Bill Gates" always comes to mind. He is the retired President of Microsoft, a company dedicated to software development. The richest man in 2013 was Carlos Slim from Mexico. His main source of income was Telecommunication Companies in Mexico and Brazil. You can easily understand the influence of technology in world wealth.
Richest Man
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Forbe magazine publishes the list of richest billionaire every year. In 2013 three out of top five richest billionaire in that list are pioneers of Technology based industry. Back in 2003, only Bill Gates made the list of top ten billionaire (He was #1). Withing only 10 years, two new technology pioneers joined the list. This shows how fast technology based industry is growing.

Carlos Slim, the richest man in 2013 owns two large telecommunication companies, Telmex which is operating in Brazil and América Móvil of Mexico. Microsoft inc. by Bill Gates is the sole creator of Windows Operating System. Larry Ellison is the president of Oracle Corp. the company which created Java. All these are international companies, so their revenue amount is very high.

But the local (Inter-Country) technology companies are also quite big. In Bangladesh (The country I live in) Grameenphone is the largest Telecommunication company. It has 30 Million users. Per minute calling cost is roughly 1.5 Taka (1 Dollar = About 80 Taka). Considering everyone talks 2 minutes daily, the company earns 90 Million Taka daily or 32850 Million Taka yearly. That's 410 Million Dollars income per year excluding income from SMS, internet and other services.

Company Graph

Software and Hardware industry is even bigger than Telecommunication industry. An estimated 27.4 Million iPhone 5 was sold worldwide after it's release. The graph above shows some of the leaders of the technology industry and their Revenue and profit.

You can get a clear idea how the large Technology industry is. Estimated 30% of the whole world economic depends on the technology industry. Lets do our own part for it to grow.


  1. Do you think that income growth in technology is in some ways tied to gaming. I see a decreased involvement of outside investors in the gaming industry while the first ones to get into it are making untold fortunes from their market share. Do you think that gaming will ever become a necessary step for investors to take. Let us know what you think back at, thank you.

  2. Technology is increasingly being used for the gaming industry. But unfortunately you see the same investors taking over the industry and not giving up any of their market share to new people trying to get involved. Do you think that in order for companies to break into the tech profits that they will have to find a way into the gaming industry or do you see the pattern continue where a few companies hold all the market share. Let us back here at know what you think, Thank You.


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